Getting Married in the Pacific Northwest

Following a few top wedding blogs will make it clear that there are a huge variety of styles when it comes to contemporary weddings. Take a look at The Knot for the middle of the road – one site trying to appeal to all. Open another tab and see Green Wedding Shoes, and feel that sunny California outdoor vibe. Try Offbeat Bride for the growing community of couples marching to their own drummer when it comes to wedding planning.


With so many styles to choose from, one of my favorites is the beautiful, natural, laid-back Pacific Northwest wedding. Of course there are many different weddings in the Northwest and this is a huge generalization, but the regional climate and laid-back approach to life associated with Washington and Oregon often lead to a special kind of wedding. One Orcas Island wedding and engagement photographer, Liz Lui who also serves the Illinois area points out that the lack of extreme temperatures means that many celebrations take place outside, in the stunning mountain ranges, forests, or on a beach. People certainly dress up, but often things aren’t as strictly formal as they might be in other regions of the country. It’s a nice change of pace.

Workout Help?

On an off topic subject matter, spring’s here which means summer which means bathing suit weather.

Does anyone have any good diet tips?

Can anyone recommend the new P90x3?

Shooting Commercial(ly)

Sorry it’s been awhile since I last posted. I’ve been super busy and going a little out of my comfort zone.


Recently, I shot a few pictures for my friends’ boutique store site. I’d never really shot merchandise before but it turned out a lot better than I expected. Specifically, the brands were dl1961 denim jeans, finders keepers, and the bohemian styles of tbags los angeles. The product was real nice and the store had a great vibe to it. I haven’t processed the pictures yet but once I do, I’ll be sure to post them. First, I was shooting as a hobby until I realized that it was my passion, but I didn’t know what kind of photographer I wanted to be so as long as I someone pays me to point my camera at something then I’m game!

Shooting a product is a lot different than shooting people and there are pros and cons. The work is a lot more consistent as there are always businesses that need great professional photography but I kinda miss the spontaneity of real people. Regardless, as a freelance photographer, it’s hard to get jobs as it is so I won’t complain too much.

Light in a Mirror-Less World

As mirrorless cameras become more widespread, it’s increasingly tempting for professional photographers to dream of ditching the DSLR for these lighter and smaller alternatives. Some have even gone so far as to sell of their 5D Mark IIIs and D800s for a smaller load. But is this really a good idea?

I tried out the Nikon 1 J3, the second tier camera in the impressive Nikon lineup of mirrorless options. What I discovered is that making the switch may depend on your shooting style and genre. Traveling light and inconspicuous can make all the difference for a street photographer. The sacrifice in speed that often accompanies the mirrorless bodies may be worth it. Traditional portrait photographers might consider this option, too, if they tend to work slowly and pose their subjects.


Faster-moving subjects, such as children, pets, or sports, are unlikely to be a good fit. Wedding photographers would also be advised to think twice about the speed and unpredictability of the wedding day before opting for such a slow option, but that said, the Nikon 1 J3 would make an excellent backup to your second camera body, something that easily packs into the bottom of your regular camera bag as a last ditch option.

This is not to say that these mirrorless cameras might not be the future of digital photography. The day may come when we can all lighten our load with confidence (I’m curious about the Fuji X-E2, which is said to deal much better with fast changing and/or low-light situations).




When you travel around with as much gear like I do, it’s important to be able to depend on a bag that’s big and durable for all your ‘stuff’.

God knows, I have a lot of stuff.

I’ve been using a Slinger BigBag Lightning Bag. Read about here on Adorama. I highly recommend it!

It’s the perfect size for me and I trust it.  The price is very affordable relative to most other bags, so I can save my money to get more lenses.

Check it out.


Wedding Photography Edits with Lightroom

In my quest to become a better photographer and artist, I’ve gotten back to the basics: colors and composition while still learning about my camera and most importantly the post editing process. In the field, there are many things I can’t control but I can still be confident I can take the shot knowing about what I can do with Lightroom (LR) in the editing room.

Changing this brightness of the pic is often a more effective Lightroom strategy compared to  managing exposure. LR modifies this range of highlights inside a photo uniformly. As an example, including additional experience of an underexposed graphic will removing details. The same effect arises having an overexposed graphic within an opposite approach. Applying exposure inside Lightroom right now darkens this highlights. It’s easy to acknowledge, analyze as well as study this big difference involving exposure as well as brightness manage inside Lightroom when you manipulate a couple duplicates with the similar graphic with every manage.

It’s just as true through the edit that less is more. Simple use of various Lightroom outcomes normally leads to  awesome photos. This really is especially true with quality image. The item sticks to studying this contrast for the mid-point with the tonal spectrum, after which it brings contrast, appropriately. It’s go to have an eye for details, but it should be a light-weight touch. From Liz Lui’s photo blog, a high end wedding photojournalist  you can definitely see how clean and fresh her subject matter’s skin tone is. Making a skin color floor which is clean begins with a good image, approximately some sort of -15 environment. Examine this graphic thoroughly as well as strongly, after which it adjust this environment till you then have a skin tone that may create ones customer very happy.

To be able to fine-tune this skin-editing process, choose the realignment brush. The item is among the Lightroom resources a large number of photography enthusiasts imagine is worth the buying price of the application.  Wash this subject’s deal with, preventing eye, brows, lips as well as curly hair. In this process, you are able to click “o” with an overlay look at connected with what exactly section of the deal with you’ve covered. Press “o” an extra the perfect time to get rid of the overlay. Ultimately, do several bit of a tweaking with all the quality as well as sharpness regulator, think about how a smaller amount is actually better. Wedding pics is actually a large number of photos generally have very poor exposure. The big task, in the course of modifying, would be to temper this exposure; however, this particular can result in shedding the caliber of skin color colors, that will likewise require several changes. You can then reduce the intensity with the skin color colors. Select the subject’s skin color floor as well. This colors to go with with all the focus on selector are merely those that unfastened several vividness with the skin color colors. You’ll know that including a bit of brightness towards graphic will offer this subject’s skin color an incredibly healthy as well as warm seem. Don’t become shocked when this particular Lightroom strategy difficulties an individual. You’ll probable expertise several dilemma as well as awful outcomes and soon you study this sensitive harmony with this effect.

Quite a few portrait as well as wedding photographers prefer to offer their consumers pics with trendy as well as satisfying vignetting. I prefer to leave the images clean and crisp instead. You’ll discover that Lightroom’s Post-Crop Vignetting device can a fantastic employment, specially to make this vignette effect practical, and not an electronic afterthought. This particular device is actually that comes with the “Effects” section. A single seasoned Lightroom user advises an individual begin with these controls: Total = -52, Midpoint = 67, Roundness = +20, Feather = 50 as well as Illustrates = 0.

2013-12-16 12.51.04

There’s so much to learn about colors and LR that it’s a little overwhelming sometimes. Extra thanks to Liz Lui Photography. Check out her blog and her awesome dogs. Be sure to contact her if you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the Chicago area.

Hello World!

Hello World!

Intro Mem

This is a web blog (more commonly known as a ‘blog) of just me ranting so if it’s not your cup of tea.


I’ve been to many places, worked in a lot interesting jobs, and like to write about obscure subjects. My mind just won’t stop sometimes and it MUST GET OUT.


Chicago wedding weekend

While I’m an offical Denver-ite  these days, in a former life I was an energy trader at one of the best chicago proprietary trading firms, Traditum Group and met some of the smartest people in the world there, one of them being my friend.H e had done got himself married to a lovely woman and invited me to his wedding.  It was also a great chance for me to visit some of my old friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.  I’m glad to report that everyone is doing well. Trading hasn’t always been easy of course, but it’s nice to hear from everyone. I also have to admit that I spend waaaay more time at the CBOT than I anticipated.

I started the weekend off right by grabbing a signature cocktail from best Chicago underground cocktail bar, Ceres. If you haven’t tried it, please do yourself a favor and order the Jack and Coke. Caution: don’t expect to do anything productive the next day like…..attend a wedding.

The night lasted way too late but in the morning I was back again at the CBOT where the bride and groom took pictures. The front of the cbot is pretty iconic. You may have seen it in the The Dark Knight where the Joker is standing and Batman is trying to run him over with his motorcycle.

I have a dslr for my own from a couple years ago but I didn’t know too much about wedding photography. He hired one of the best chicago wedding photographer and photojournalist named Liz Lui for their wedding pictures and I must say I was impressed by her work and professionalism. Like I said, I don’t know too much about wedding photography specifically but I know great photos when I see them.

The way she she took advantage of the light that day by putting the couples in certain spots. Her gear and setup was top notch (Canon Mark III). A good photographer knows when to intervene and when to be a fly on the wall and Liz was impeccable at that. I gotta get better at my craft:

The ceremony itself was in the Art Institute and was perfectly lovely. Went without a hitch. My friend sure found a good girl and I hope that’s me one day. The reception was great too and even though I was pretty hungover from the night before, I still partied until the AM.

Great weekend.

Great wedding.

Great seeing friends again.


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